Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why not… declutter my apartment?

That hidden gem of a fondue place in NYC – amazing. I kept the receipt because it had the restaurant name and address at the top. And I know, someday, I’ll stop reading other books and finally get to that novel a friend lent me a few months ago. That skirt? Well, it is winter in Chicago, but come spring, I’ll be showing off my newly toned legs in that baby… even if I haven’t pulled it out of my closet for two or three years.

I take off for Sundance in four days and would like to come back to a clean apartment for my birthday week.  Unfortunately, I am constantly justifying my pack rat ways and constant clutter. Maybe I’m so short because I never had room to grow…?
Time to get rid of the negative energy/negative influences!  If you want to get a jumpstart on spring cleaning, here are 11 suggestions for 2011, straight from my to-do list and inspired by a recent article in Family Circle:
1.       Spices – I only use pumpkin spice once a year. It says 2007 for a reason!
2.       Closet – From a lingering sweatshirt belonging to a boy who broke my heart to a skimpy dress that might adequately cover a seven yr old, all will soon have a new home or become dust rags.
3.       Makeup – the striking red Dior lipstick makes me look like a geisha. Why do I keep these things? Besides, I’m pretty low maintenance… bye, bye old mascara and nail polish too.
4.       Receipts – No, the story above wasn’t an exaggeration. I even have three-year-old receipts from the Beijing Olympics for souvenir t-shirts for my friends.  Sheesh.
5.       Junk mail – Identity theft scares me breathless. Looks like I have a date shredding a huge stack of random credit card offers this weekend.
6.       Linen closet – Why one person needs 17 bath sheets is beyond me. NEXT!
7.       Takeout containers – I love to cook, but ridiculously spicy Thai food may just be the way to my soul. The result? I have zillions of takeout containers, but the lid fairy stole the tops.
8.       Medicine cabinet – I didn’t use the malaria pills while in South Africa and they expire in two weeks. On today’s to-do list – determine how to properly dispose of malaria pills. Anyone?
9.       Utensils – Despite the broken handle and new medal one I received for Christmas, I still use this flimsy plastic ladle when cooking… including last night. Kickin’ it to the curb. Oh yeah.
10.   Coffee mugs/tea cups – I have one mouth, room for maybe four guests and a dishwasher. No need for three shelves stacked with coffee mugs and tea cups. Toss!
11.   Books/magazines – I LOVE to read, but the 2009 May issue of Real Simple has got to go. Time to feed the recycle bin.
Share your tips – I can always use some inspiration!